Fire Protection Engineering and Design Services

Our highly trained designers at Reliance Fire Protection strive for excellence and efficiency in all matters, evident in their daily operations. Using advanced 3-D CAD design programs, the fire protection engineering and design team is able to interactively design sprinkler systems for new or retrofit systems. By utilizing innovative software, sprinkler systems are designed around other trades, eliminating conflicts, maintaining cost efficiency, and expediting the process for the customer while also providing the most efficient and safest system.

NICET Certification

With over one hundred years of combined experience in the fire protection field, the Design department continues to support and encourage NICET certification among designers. Currently the majority of designers possess a NICET certification, while more than half possess a Level III or IV. Continued training and certification provides the department with the ability to provide the customer with the best product in a flexible time that meets their needs.

In addition to providing a custom design to meet the needs of the customer, we also take care of all matters regarding the acquisition of necessary fire sprinkler permits. This service helps to keep the project moving and ensuring it is completed within the allotted time frame.

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