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Prevent Sprinkler Freeze-ups

A little maintenance goes a long way when it comes to fire sprinkler systems functioning throughout the winter. Entire systems have been damaged and replaced because the system’s owner didn’t spend five minutes maintaining a low point drain.  Have you prepared your system for the storm? When it comes to winter freeze-ups, the majority of cases ironically…

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Safety Training

SAFETY FIRST Safety first is our motto at Reliance Fire Protection. As part of our customer service, our entire team is trained in numerous safety prevention and response tactics. Each year, we take the time to train our entire team on CPR and safety. #SafetyFirst CPR Training Thank you to Scott Goldstein and the Glyndon Volunteer…

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Reasons to Work with Reliance

Finding the right fire protection company can be daunting. There are a lot of different considerations that you might have as a General Contractor or Owner of a building or facility. Our team at Reliance Fire Protection would love to be your full service fire protection contractor. We have office locations in Baltimore, Maryland and…

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