Once a fire sprinkler is installed, it also needs to be maintained in order to properly function. Installing the fire sprinkler system is the first step to keeping occupants in the building safe, but fire sprinkler inspections help ensure safety for the years following. A fire sprinkler inspection is done to evaluate the performance of your sprinklers to make sure they are functioning properly. It is often beneficial to routinely perform these inspections to help confirm the continued function of the fire safety system.

Why Do I Need Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspections?

Annual fire sprinkler inspections are important to keeping up the effectiveness of your sprinkler in time of need. There are benefits to routine inspections such as:

  1. Annual inspections help keep longer effectiveness of sprinklers
  2. Minor repairs from annual inspections save you from major expenses in the future
  3. Routine inspections help to ensure proper functioning in time of a fire
  4. To make sure your systems are up to NFPA codes

What is Included in the Inspection?

During a fire sprinkler inspection, there are many parts within the system that are checked to help ensure functionality of the system as a whole. Visual inspections occur to look for issues in the piping, sprinkler heads, or control valves. The valves are checked for proper operation and are often sealed to prevent people from tampering with them. Gauges are then checked to confirm that they are up to date and calibrated. A technician will take readings on the gauge to ensure proper water pressure for effective functionality of the system. Specific moving parts will be lubricated and activation tested. The system as a whole will then be tested to make certain that there are no blockages or malfunctions occurring with the fire sprinkler. This test often includes locating the furthest point on the fire sprinkler system to confirm that this point receives signals and is effective in proving that the entire fire safety system is operating correctly.

Reliance Fire Protection Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspections

At Reliance Fire Protection we offer inspections for all industries including commercial, historical, institutional, and industrial. Our customers can not only enroll in annual inspection plans, but also have the option of quarterly or bi-annual inspections as well. With our local team of professionals, we can help ensure your fire sprinklers are properly functioning to increase the protection of you and your building’s occupants.

Benefits of Fire Sprinkler Inspections Done by Reliance Fire Protection

  1. Fire sprinklers and pumps are inspected, tested, and serviced by local professionals
  2. NFPA certification ensured on all fire sprinkler systems
  3. Easy to schedule
  4. All inspection paperwork is on file
  5. Permit and insurance fulfillment
  6. Routine service contracts are available