Fire Alarm Inspections

Fire Alarm System Inspections

Alarm Inspection Services for Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Areas

As part of our fire protection services, we provide fire alarm inspections for any commercial, industrial, historic, government or public buildings in the Northern Virginia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas. We understand how deadly a fire can be. If your alarm systems are not working when a fire occurs in your facility, it will cost you the valuable time that is needed to exit the building safely. Fire alarm inspections help find any problems with your alarm system and allow you to get the system fixed before a fire occurs. Get peace of mind by having your fire alarm systems inspected regularly!

We can provide alarm inspections:

  • Annually
  • Semi-annually
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly

Inspections For Code Compliance

It is a requirement that all public facilities and residential complexes are to be in compliance with NFPA codes and standards. When you partner with our team, we will help you stay in accordance with these specifications by providing you with fire alarm inspections on a regular basis. Our NICET certified technicians will inspect your alarm system in accordance with the requirements set forth by NFPA 72. If you would like to schedule regular inspections, we have the option for you to set up a service plan with us for inspections and service of your entire fire protection system.

Benefits of Fire Alarm Inspections by Reliance Fire Protection:

  • Inspections, testing, and service performed by NICET certified technicians
  • Certification for both fire sprinklers and fire alarms
  • Permit requirement fulfillment
  • Hassle-free scheduling
  • Service contracts/agreements available
  • All inspection reports kept on file for your convenience
Fire Alarm Inspections

Inspections Are The Key To Reliability

Fire alarm inspections vary from site to site, but ensuring that the system will work when needed is critical. Dust, dirt, corrosion and normal exposure to the elements can damage your systems.

Regular inspections and service can help extend the life of your fire alarm and sprinkler system and meet insurance and industry guidelines. No matter how old your system is – it’s only effective if it works! Stay ahead of your fire prevention game plan and keep your assets protected.

Experienced Within All Industries

We have over 100 years of combined experience working with a wide variety of fire alarm systems. We provide a full range of fire protection services for commercial, historic, industrial, and institutional facilities. Our cost-effective annual, bi-annual, quarterly and monthly service plans will ensure you are always up to code.

Our technicians are certified in inspecting both fire alarms and fire sprinklers. This means that you can have one fire protection provider inspecting and servicing all your fire protection systems. Set up a service plan with us for cost savings and regularly scheduled service.

For more information on fire alarm inspections, contact us today or request a quote for your new service contract and you’ll see how easy it is to work with our fire protection professionals. We serve the Washington D.C., Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland Areas.