Fire Protection Systems Service Plans

Fire Protection Systems Service Plans

Services For Fire Protection Systems In Maryland, Northern Virginia And Washington D.C.

Fire Protection Service

Keep your building up to code with service and inspection plans from Reliance Fire Protection. We offer quarterly, bi-annual, and annual plans to ease your worries about your fire alarm or sprinkler system. We test and inspect your fire protection systems and complete any repairs required to keep you, your assets and building safe. Let our company be a valuable partner of your Life Safety Team!

Our Fire Protection Services Provide:

  • Streamlined reports kept on file at all times
  • Routine repairs and major reconfigurations
  • Off-hour testing and inspection available to avoid disruptions during business hours
  • Quarterly, bi-annual, and annual plans available
  • Courtesy reminders for all service calls

Total Fire Protection with Reliance

We provide the best in total fire protection services in Baltimore and Washington D.C. Our team is local with the resources of a national company, giving you the best in quality and customer care. When you set up a fire protection service plan with us, we'll help keep your systems operating within regulations. We can set up inspections as frequently as is required by your building code or insurance plan. If you demonstrate that you are meeting NFPA testing and inspection requirements, you could be eligible for insurance savings. From courtesy reminders to full disclosure on all repairs needed, you can rest assured that Reliance is aiding with the upkeep of your fire protection system. If an emergency does arise, any time of day or night, our 24-hour crew is just a phone call away!

For more information on our service crew, give us a call today or request your free quote. We’ll help you find the plan that works best for your company.