Special hazards fire protection services

Special Hazards Fire Protection Systems

Fire Suppression Systems for Hazardous Facilities, Equipment or Material

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At Reliance Fire Protection, we know what system is needed for your environment in order to suppress a fire quickly and effectively, with minimal damage. Our NICET certified design team can create the best solution for the most challenging and unique fire protection needs. With 30 years of experience in the fire protection industry, Reliance Fire Protection is a company you can trust to install or retrofit a suppression system into your facility. We serve the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. areas.

Protecting your property calls for different suppression systems based on the special hazards inside and the use of your facilities. Whether you are protecting historical artifacts in a museum or running a power plant, the detection of a fire and the fast-acting response of a system is important to help limit damage to your assets, people and building. Based on your facility’s needs we can help you design, install and maintain a special hazard fire protection system.

Common Special Hazards Fire Protection Systems:

  • Deluge Systems: Used in high hazard areas such as chemical storage facilities and power plants
  • High Expansion Foam Systems: Used in aircraft hangers and high combustible storage
  • CO2 Systems: Used commonly for electronic operations and power generation
  • Clean Agent Systems: Ideal for environments with sensitive or delicate equipment
  • Water Mist Systems: Used in mining facilities, museums and various industrial plants

Stay Up To Date With Reliance

Our team knows the NFPA codes and standards inside and out. Our experienced technicians meet with your company to determine the right system in compliance with national regulations. Whether you’re working with new construction or retrofitting an existing establishment, the correct fire suppression system saves lives.

We Are Your Full Service Fire Protection Contractor

Reliance Fire Protection is your full service fire safety contractor. We not only design and install a fire suppression system fit for your needs, but we also offer ongoing service plans, inspection and monitoring services. Keeping your systems ready is critical to limit damage in case of an emergency. Our ongoing services can be bundled to save you time and money and we offer 24 hour emergency service for those unexpected needs that may arise.

Technology changes rapidly, but we focus on continuous training and certification of our employees to stay ahead. For more information on special hazard fire protection systems contact us or request a quote today. Reliance Fire Protection serves Washington D.C., Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas. We also partner with API-NSG for our customers that are nationwide.