All incidents are preventable

Reliance Safety

APi Group, Inc. Core Beliefs:

  • Zero is achievable and is the expectation of everyone who works on our team.
  • We care about each other. The safety and well-being of our team and their families is vitally important to us.
  • Every person is responsible for their team’s safety.
  • Every person strives to improve the safety awareness of those around them.
  • Everyone has the personal responsibility, authority and support to stop work if it is unsafe.
  • All incidents are preventable. There is always a cause from which we can learn.
  • We will not take shortcuts that compromise safety.
  • Everyone is encouraged to voice opinions and ideas. Good catches and incidents shall be shared so that we can learn to be safer.
  • Everybody wins. Safety, quality and production are achievable together.
  • Safety never quits. Our families, friends and teammates need us to be safe all day, every day.
Striving Towards Excellence

We take the following STEPS to keep our employees SAFE:

  • Stop Work Authority – ANYONE has the ability to stop work if it is unsafe
  • Daily Safety Huddle – Pre-plan work to reduce incidents, injury and illness
  • New Hire Orientation – Train each employee effectively
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hour – Provide industry recognized certification
  • Weekly Toolbox Talks – Educate our employees by offering weekly safety topics
  • Jobsite Safety Audits and Safety Analysis – Investigate any unsafe incident, and correct the action to prevent reoccurrence
  • CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens Training – We offer this training each year