Commercial Fire Protection

Installation, Inspection, repair and Monitoring of Commercial Fire Protection Systems

At Reliance Fire Protection, we have years of experience helping commercial property owners or building contractors design and install the right fire alarm, fire sprinkler system or suppression system for their needs. We can help with developing the scope of work for a new or retrofit project. Our team is NICET certified and willing to take on the complex projects. At Reliance, we strive to exceed your expectations from start to finish.

Our most recent commercial projects have been Knollwood Military Retirement Residence, Smithsonian National Museum of American History, and the Horseshoe Casino Garage. We serve customers in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. areas working on new construction or preserving the integrity of the historical buildings in the area.

Commercial buildings are constantly evolving and providing life safety and asset protection from a fire is crucial to your team’s safety. Upon the installation of a sprinkler system, we offer ongoing inspection and repair services.

We provide the following fire protection services for the commercial marketplace:

As the needs of our customers expand and we grow as a company, we have increased our capabilities as a full service fire safety company. We now provide fire alarm and building security monitoring services to our commercial customers. Our team monitors your systems 24 hours a day providing you with peace of mind. We monitor for alarm activation, signals of your fire system alarms and even supervisory needs within your facility. A quick response is crucial in the event of any type of an emergency. We are here to help you facilitate action quickly from the right emergency response team.

As a full-service commercial fire protection provider, Reliance allows customers to bundle fire protection services so you can routinely have your fire alarm and sprinkler systems inspected in accordance with NFPA standards and local code.

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